Video monitoring

A video monitoring system (COSMOS - COaStal MOnitoring System), in operation since 2009, is comprised by three high-resolution video cameras installed at Nazaré lighthouse [cameras 1 e 2] and Sítio [camera 3]. The COSMOS acquires snapshot images of Norte and Nazaré beaches at 1 Hz supporting the generation of Timex images (10 min average). This images are used to extract the shoreline position and characterize wave deformation over the Nazaré canyon head and to understand coastal evolution at a wide range of scales (hours to years).


For more information visit COSMOS website


Video cameras configuration parameters:

[camera 1] mx10-3-109-111_2014-02-10_12-17_PNte

[camera 2] mx10-11-23-181_2014-02-10_12-12_Ocean

[camera 3] mx10-4-32-47_2014-10-02_Beach